Books about Apollo 11

February 17, 2019
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Here are our selections for more good reading on the Apollo 11 mission

There are dozens of titles relating to the Apollo 11 Moon mission and NASA lunar missions in general. With the help of Amazon Books, we offer them here.

Amazon handles the ordering, on-line payments and shipping, so you know your order is in good hands. Proceeds from your purchase help defray the cost of this site (and we appreciate that...)

You'll find the selections in one of our four categories:

Full Moon by Chaikin But there's one book that we think everyone might be like, and which doesn't quite fit into our categories. It's Full Moon by popular Apollo writer Andrew Chaikin. It's a large format, hard cover book filled with great Moon photography. We think any one who appreciates the wonders of Earth and Moon will love this book.

Finally, please know that many of the books shown will not be around forever. Since we started our site in 1999, we've seen many fine books go 'out of print' and into obscurity.

It's probably a sign of our times, as the Apollo program gradually fades from the collective conscience.

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