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April 6, 2024
Montauk Project Time Travel

PhiladelphiaExperiment1By Tray Caladan

Part one

For those of you unaware of details from the Philadelphia Experiment; the brilliant minds involved; the aliens involved; a WW2 Project funded by the Navy yet a private project of Nikola Tesla, strap on your space-belts…you won’t believe the sensory explosion! Following transcripts tell a phenomenal story THROUGH TIME that is thoroughly documented and hardly known. Participants are allowed to talk because, ‘who would believe it?’

Synthesized from many hours of interviews with the late Al Bielek are the following quotes. Al Bielek began his life as Ed Cameron. His story is too unbelievable to believe. And yet, this little-known and unheralded man may have saved the world! The quotes reveal an amazing account of history that is generally verified.

We begin with the U.S. interest of developing a cloaking device; a means to render an entire Navy ship INVISIBLE during the Second World War…

Al Bielek (Ed Cameron): ‘It was alien technology. We simply didn’t have the theory but we had the technical expertise and capability to build the hardware to their specifications. Our government has been working with aliens for years.’

‘Tesla was there. After he retired from RCA, he was almost full-time on the Project. He still had other projects…since he was the Director, all the ideas were his.’ Tesla slowly became disenchanted with the Project when he realized his ideas were not being used for the benefit of humanity.

Tesla wanted a type of ‘Zero Point’ wristband for the sailors onboard the Eldridge to ground them during the Experiment. Without the wristbands, they could be floating; lost in space and time or in total disorientation. The government did not want to spend extra money on the wristbands. Tesla left.

PE_conspiracy‘After Tesla left the Project, Dr. John von Neumann took over.’ [John von Neumann was a Hungarian-born American pure and applied mathematician. He made major contributions in fields of mathematics, functional analysis, physics, quantum mechanics, economics (game-theory), computer sciences, self-replicating machines and statistics. He was a principle member of the Manhattan Project].

Ed Cameron was Von Neumann’s former student at Princeton. Ed and his younger brother Duncan reported to the Institute for Advanced Studies in Princeton, N.J. in January of 1940 and soon were assigned to the Project.

[my duties] ‘…to keep tabs on the Project (Philadelphia Experiment, first known as Project Rainbow); understand the Project; contribute whatever help to the Project; write reports…January ‘40, they still had not had a successful (invisibility) test. They had an aborted one in 1936 for invisibility that didn’t work which gave them some indication they were probably going in the right direction.’

[Von Neumann told them] ‘…brush up on quantum physics, which he helped to invent, you’re going to have to unlearn quite a bit of what you learned in the school. You weren’t taught correctly about gravity; you weren’t taught correctly about Time and time-fields…’

‘He (Von Neumann) taught us what Time is and how you can manipulate Time. He taught us correct views on gravity. Einstein completed his Unified-Field Theory in 1938. He originally had it completed in 1929 and gave a copy to Lord Russell in England to review. Lord Russell said ‘the world is not ready for this’…perhaps the fact that you could use these equations for Time Travel.’

We used the equations of Einstein’s…what they were trying to do and eventually did do is produce a localized warp in the time-field which would surround the object you wanted to make invisible…enough to distort light waves and electro-magnetic waves and so forth to pass around the object or through the object…’

(First test was a success, Sept. 1940; which led to the major Project). ‘…gave it a name, ‘Project Rainbow.’ OK, the Navy will fund the Project from now on…Roosevelt announced to Tesla: well, you made that ship invisible; now, we’ll give you a real ship to make invisible. He ordered a battleship (USS Eldridge) into the Philadelphia Navy yard…this went on through December, 1940…Tesla had to decide how much power and what equipment to build…’

‘They sent us (Ed and Duncan) out to sea on the USS Pennsylvania…on December 5th (1941) we received orders, which were cut for our return to Pearl Harbor…we were about to board a plane in Alameda when we were stopped by a Navy Captain and took us to see Hal Bowen Senior. And, he was the Director of Naval Engineering…he said gentlemen, your orders have been cancelled. We have reason to believe the JAPANESE ARE GOING TO ATTACK PEARL HARBOR in the next 48 to 72 hours. We don’t want you there; you’re too valuable to us…’

‘Of course, Pearl Harbor was bombed. The Pennsylvania was not hit. Roosevelt and Secretary of the Army, Marshall, knew all about it. They set it up; to get us in the War on England’s side. The entire fleet was ordered to turn up at Pearl Harbor.’

[October, 1943 test later known as the Philadelphia Experiment] ‘…He (Captain Harrison) could not see where the water was…it looked like a Black Hole…is it really a hole? What’s going on?’

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