World War One reproduction uniforms

September 23, 2023
WWI imperial uhlan cavalery

Interested in joining the GWA? Here is a list of vendors that carry a wide range of gear to help you put your kit together. If interested in a (unit), feel free to contact the unit commander of that unit for suggestions on unit-preferred vendors. Authenticity Regulations may vary from unit to unit, so before any purchases it is always a good idea to check with unit commanders.

Please click on images below to learn more about each individual vendor...

Alexander and Sons Restorations restore WW1 helmets.

Great War Militaria (GWM) has a variety of unique items and is still the best place to find those great "first person" items that can set you apart from others.

Hessen Antique offers original and reproduction Militaria including reproduction German Pickelhaube and a full line of German made caps.

Lost Battalions has been one of the most accurate reproduction houses in WWII reenacting. Now making WWI German uniforms after aquiring the old New Columbia patterns, they are taking orders. Please check them out.

Historic Reproductions is a worthy site to check out some great items to use for your living history programs.

Mattimore Harness makes all types of WW1 boots.

No Man's Land Militaria offers a great variety from equipment, to trench-art and even photographs.

Reichslieder is a company specializes in WW1 and ww2 Marching Music, War Songs and Patriotic Songs.

Schipperfabrik offers uniforms and equipment for British, German, French and Belgian troops.

Skirmish Magazine is the world's leading "Multi-period" reenactment & living history magazine.

Tommy's Pack Fillers has a wide variety of Great War repro items as supplied to museums, enthusiasts world wide and as WW1 props for motion pictures, TV films and WW1 period theatrical productions.

Recuperating World War One soldiers. Archive film 91818
Recuperating World War One soldiers. Archive film 91818
British Uniform and Rifle of World War 1 (Plus Gas Mask Demo)
British Uniform and Rifle of World War 1 (Plus Gas Mask Demo)
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