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September 14, 2020

Manataka American Indian Council


As told by American Indians

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We prefer to learn American Indian history from American Indians. Who can tell the stories better?

Well, there's first hand from your relatives but there are those who might have lost touch with them over the years and can't locate them now. In the mean time you can read through the hundreds of articles we have provided below.

It's not that we do not trust versions told by the dominate culture, though there are many examples of our history erroneously reported or deliberately altered to fit the invader's own views.

Granted, many worthwhile texts are available from honest and well-intended scholars who attempt to truthfully report the past. Most however, are woefully lacking in Spirit. Our stories are filled with Spirit because it gives them meaning and purpose. One must see a man's heart to know him. It is seldom we read versions of our history that touch the heart and inspire our children. Few public and private schools today teach 'real' American Indian history. Less than a handful teach it from the Indian perspective. Why?

The telling of stories is the essence of our culture. We must respect our ancestors and learn their stories to keep our ways alive for the sake of our children's children.

Encourage schools in your area to emphasize American Indian history. Ask them to teach more than just Colonial and Indian Wars periods. Ask them to order books and other teaching material written from the Indian perspective!

Is there nothing to learn from American Indian sciences of ecology, botany, astronomy, math or medicine? Is there nothing to learn from American Indian art, poetry, music and dance? Is there nothing to learn from our deep and enduring philosophy?

Speak to your local school board for the sake of our children and our Mother Earth. Aho!

CP709- LIES MY TEACHER TOLD ME: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong

by James Loewen

This national best seller and award winning book is one that "every teacher, ever student of history, every citizen should read." It is both a refreshing antidote to what has passed for history in our educational system and a one-volume education in itself. Touchstone Books (September 1996) Indexed, black and white photographs. Illustrated Soft Cover, 384 pages ISBN: $15.95

Storytelling preserved American Indian culture. Elders endlessly repeated stories and tested children to insure accuracy for future generations.

Storytelling is the strength of our enduring culture.

We understand that history is written by the victor and the history of the vanquished is forgotten. There is no honor or glory in telling untruths.

Some misguided historians and ethnologists think our stories are mostly myth, fairytales told by a primitive, simple-minded people, discounting their authenticity and validity.

Yet, nearly every primary and high school history text book today has hundreds of errors of fact. This unfortunate truth is the result of so-called scholars who repeat what they find without verifying the facts. To be in agreement with other historians seems to be far more important than discovering truth.

We encourage you to discover history told by American Indians. In many cases, it is far different from what they want everyone to believe.

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THIS DAY IN NORTH AMERICAN INDIAN HISTORY: Events in the History of North America's Native Peoples
by Phil Konstantin

Covers over four thousand important events involving the native peoples of North America in a unique day-by-day format, creating a compelling history spanning over 500 years. DaCapo Press; (October 15, 2002); Hardcover: 480 pages. $24.50

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FACING EAST FROM INDIAN COUNTRY: A Native History of Early America

by Daniel K. Richter

A book by the Director of the McNeil Center for Early American Studies at the Uni. of Pennsylvania. A Fine copy bound in tan boards and black clothed tape spine lettered in gild. The fine dust jacket is colorfully illustrated with painting detail of The Landing of Henry Hudson by Robert Weir. Harvard University Press; January 2002 Hardcover: 320 pages. ISBN: $25.95

500 NATIONS: An Illustrated History of American Indians
by Alvin M., Jr. Josephy

First Edition. Textbook. The story of Native American leaders, customs, political systems, and ways of life, this is American history from the Native American perspective: friendship, betrayal, war, and ultimately, the loss of homeland. A companion volume to the CBS series produced by Kevin Costner, Jack Leustig, and James Wilson. Photos & Illustrations. Includes over 400 paintings, woodcuts, drawings, and photographs. 9-1/4x11. Soft Cover, 480 pp. ISBN: $39.99

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