Lewis and Clark Discoveries

May 17, 2023
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Grizzly Bear

“In the evening we saw a Brown or Grisley beare on a sand beech, I went out with one man Geo Drewyer & Killed the bear, which was verry large and a turrible looking animal, which we found verry hard to kill we Shot ten Balls into him before we killed him, & 5 of those Balls through his lights This animal is the largest of the carnivorous kind I ever saw we had nothing that could way him, I think his weight may be stated at 500 pounds [227 kilograms]…. we had him skined and divided, the oile tried up & put in Kegs for use.”

American Bison

Great herds of “buffalow” were noted throughout the journey. The expedition members frequently killed and ate bison.

Mountain Lion

May 16, 1805 – The morning was fair and the day proved favorable to our operations . . . in the early part of the day two of our men fired on a panther, a little below our encampment, and wounded it; they informed us that it was very large, had just killed a deer partly devoured it, and in the act of concealing the ballance as they discovered him.


“A Prarie Wolf come near the bank and Barked at us this evening, we made an attempt but could not git him, the animale barkes like a large ferce dog.”


June 14, 1805 – (probably a wolverine) In returning through the level bottom of Medecine river and about 200 yards distant from the Missouri, my direction led me directly to an anamal that I at first supposed was a wolf. But on nearer approach or about sixty paces distant I discovered that it was not. Its colour was a brownish yellow; it was standing near it’s burrow, and when I approached it thus nearly, it couched itself down like a cat looking immediately at me as if it designed to spring on me.
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Lewis And Clark:the Corps Of Discovery
Lewis And Clark:the Corps Of Discovery
Lewis & Clark and the Corps of Discovery
Lewis & Clark and the Corps of Discovery
The Corps of Discovery (Lewis and Clark Expedition)
The Corps of Discovery (Lewis and Clark Expedition)
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