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February 7, 2022

DNF Babes 2The Babes of Duke Nukem Forever

Babes are the women in Duke Nukem games. They are quite an essential part of the game, giving it more uniqueness and character. They are young, attractive females, who are harmless and are often illustrated as victims of the alien invasion. They show different behaviors, styles, have various appearances, like clothing or hair color. Their categorization is divided into two simple categories: Babes not violated by alien infestation, and babes who have been.

Babes take various forms in Duke Nukem games. To name some, there are:

  • Dancers/Strippers: they are most famous in Duke games. They appear, for example in Duke Nukem 3D, Total Meltdown or Duke Nukem: Time To Kill. They dance erotically for money and show their breasts for more money. They do not leave their places. Duke Nukem likes them very much and usually tells them: "Shake it, baby!" or "You wanna dance?" When killed in Duke 3D, these women scream, their money falls down the floor and may spawn Assault Troopers to "punish" the player. When killed in the Time to Kill Strip Club, 'Bootylicious', they spawn Pig Cops, while Duke says: "And she was cute, too!", "Damn it...", "I need to check my fire/my aim."
  • Asian chicks: these are relatively rare women, found mainly in bars, Sushi Bars or Karaoke Clubs (like in Raw Meat, E3L1). They are Asian, pale faced with dark hair and usually a red clothing. They are often singing with funnily waving hands and have their very own posters with the term "Exotica".
  • Street babes: these are more "unique", since they just stand in the same place and do nothing, even if Duke offers them money. They have blue clothing, short skirts, brown hair, black purse and high heeled boots. She is first met in Red Light District, in the bar, before entering the Strip Club. They appear to be prostitutes.
  • Cocooned babe 1: they are women with dark brown hair, who are victims now and are infested. They are standing up, only able to move their heads or arms, being trapped in a green slime cocoon, that appears to be coming from protozoid Slimers. They seem to have brown or red eyes. They are also weak, ill and seem to be in pain, often asking Duke to kill them, saying: "Kill me...". When shot, they make an organic hit sound and when destroyed, they scream in a not too feminine way. They are first encountered through an air vent in Hollywood Holocaust. In Duke Nukem 64, these women can be saved from the cocoon, instead of being killed.
  • Cocooned babe 2: this is another kind of cocooned babe. It is quite rare and appears in more difficult levels, similarly to the Trapped babes (See below). They are not inside a cocoon, but are "glued" to one, naked. Their hair covers their exposed breasts and they are wearing white underwear. They may also be for breeding purposes or as a bait. They are also found on dark, humid areas.
  • Trapped babe 1: these women are much rarer to find and appear in more difficult levels. They are usually found in dark, humid, slimy places often surrounded by Protozoid Slimer Eggs and Octabrains - who prefer these kind of places. These women do nothing, are completely naked and seem to be there for breeding purposes - or to attract Duke. They have blackish hair and look with their eyes as if they are not conscious. They are in a squatting position, with large breasts exposed (but covered) and their legs are expanded, with slimy tendrils wrapping around their body.
  • Trapped babe 2: they are even rarer and are found in later levels, in hidden places; These women are exploited by the aliens. They are a tragic case, as they are in a very infested and slimy place, full with Protozoid Slimers and Octabrains. They may be baits, food or breeding subjects. They seem to be all dead by now. they are only wearing white underwear and held upside down from the ceiling or from the floor, or in water. Sometimes, there are more of them in the same place.
  • Babes on posters, XXX Magazines: these are unknown women, who are shown on posters and magazines half-naked or in bikinis. The posters can be found in rooms, stores, clubs or on the street. Magazines are to be found on the shelves or on the floor. In the Duke Nukem 64 version, the magazines are replaced by guns.
  • Babes on big movie posters: these may be some actresses or porn-stars. There are many of them on the walls in Episode One. They even have some titles, like Sister Act III, Attack of the Bleached Blondes, Biker Babes and so on. The "Sister Act" women appear in XXX-Stacy, in the bedroom. If checked, the woman in "Attack of the Bleached Blondes" appears in "Duke-style" as she wears sunglasses, as well as red/blue clothes, which were the colors of Duke's clothes.
Source: dukenukem.wikia.com
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