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January 12, 2019
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I am writing this from the comfort of my recently purchased automatic reclining sofa from Raymour & Flannigan, (can't suggest buying a great recliner enough- I slept in it my first night home). I had my hysterectomy (ovaries in tact but everything else gone) on Monday. I was all packed and ready and had even ordered my car service ahead of time. I made a list of what I would need a few days before my surgery with reminders on it such as, "leave wedding ring at home." Over the next few days if I remembered something I would add it to the list. Here's my show girl trunk:

Not a fan of fasting I actually found the no liquids rule to be even harder than fasting but kept my positive attitude and rode up to the Bronx listening to Fleetwood Mac and holding my Husbear's hand. Once I arrived I was asked to take a number and enjoy the view which was incredible.

Then I got admitted and was asked to wait to be called into another waiting area for my surgery...

I chose what to wear to the hospital carefully. No perfume or makeup for safety reasons but I did make sure to wear my favorite t-shirt. It's from Mod Cloth and yes they still have it (click on photo below for link to buy it)! It's a cat cop that says, "Who's laughing MEOW?" It's a sure way to meet other cat lovers in any public space and sure enough it made me a friend in the waiting room! I can face ANYTHING as long as I'm allowed to bring humor with me.

Boy did I need my humor.so something you should know is you may wait all day in that waiting area so YES bring a friend and some music. Watching the tv they give you can help until it goes to a food commercial or coke ad and then you find you're mouth watering over things you'd normally turn your nose up at. Also you can swish water in your mouth and spit it out to relieve dryness - just DON'T SWALLOW! I was scheduled to go into surgery at 11:20 am with a 9:00 am call time but of course this always prepared show girl was there at 8:00 am. Sadly I didn't get into surgery until after 4pm! The only thing that saved me was my Husbear ... he found ways to make me smile and was even game to put a rubber glove over his head at one point but they were too small! The other thing that distracted me for a bit was working out my surgery fashion.

Finally it was time and I had my Husbear play We Are The Champions by Queen as I walked away into surgery. I was going to save it for when I left the hospital but the wait was so hard I felt like I deserved to hear it as I walked away. My team was AMAZING and the last thing I remember saying is., "I perform on large stages and small gay clubs...big stages and tiny gays!" In my defense they had asked me where I perform. I woke up to my super cute gay anesthesiologist saying he would come see me perform. Then my surgeon came in and asked for my Husbear's number and called him for me. Within moments I was looking at the love of my life Erik and best friend Yosh. I felt tired, sore (especially my throat- from the breathing tube), and woozy.

ALL I WANTED WAS WATER! They slowly started giving me ice chips and luckily I wasn't nauseous. I was in surgery for about 2.5 hours and by 9:00 pm I had my room.

I spoke in my first entry about the importance of bringing gifts for your nurses with you. You don't have to spend a lot of money at all just make a gift bag of snacks and write a thank you on it. My night nurses were Sonya and Shaniqua and they were SO loving and helpful that I was instantly grateful I had brought them something. *NOTE*- YOU DO NOT GET A LOT OF SLEEP IN THE HOSPITAL - people come in and take your vitals every couple of hours, assess your pain and even take blood in the early hours right before the vampires rest :) You are paying A LOT of money to be there so although I wanted to rest all of the attentiveness made me feel safe and cared for. I was just surprised at how little rest I got. My first meal was a gluten free pb&j that I brought with me and it was superb! I only had a few bites but then sleep came quickly...

The next morning I was NOT given a gluten free meal- *ALWAYS REMIND EVERY NURSE YOU HAVE OF ANY FOOD ALLERGIES YOU HAVE. I had it on a wristband on me and was still served wheat toast. Thank Goddess I was awake enough to not eat it and remind my new morning nurses who were also WONDERFUL ~ thanks Carol and Janet! I ate the eggs and drank the coffee and asked for more pain meds. There is no need to be a supershero when it comes to pain - stay ahead of your pain with your meds in the beginning. I only today (Thursday) have lessened my meds from every 4 hours to every 6 now. You want to heal not suffer.

After everything checked out and my nurse Carol let me take a nice nap I was released from the hospital with my prescriptions and instructions around 1:30. I was wheeled out in style with a poodle pillow my sister Melissa gave me. PLEASE BRING A PILLOW TO HOLD AGAINST YOUR TUMMY and TO PUT BETWEEN YOU and THE SEATBELT. I had my Husbear get a cab and off we went!

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