American Revolutionary War figures

December 16, 2022
American Revolutionary War

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NEW – Symbols of the Revolution – Join, or Die and Corporate Logos: This activity requires students to learn about Ben Frankllin’s famous Join or Die political cartoon, and then, to think of the symbolism behind popular corporate logos they know. Fun With Acts and Taxes: This activity requires students to imagine their school institutes unjust acts against them such as the Homework Act and Cafeteria Act and then requires students to fill in the details of such acts before coming up with one of their own. Symbols of Rage: The Anti-Homework Stamp: This activity illustrates the famous Emblem of the Effects of the Stamp and requires students to make their own “dreaded” stamp that could serve as a protest to homework. Revolutionary Figure Flash Cards: This is a simple activity where students can record facts about six famous Americans during the American Revolution. Flash Cards show pictures of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Betsy Ross, John Adams and Benedict Arnold. Summer Soldier and Sunshine Patriot: Interesting activity where students draw illustrations of the figurative and literal meaning behind Thomas Paine’s characterizations in The Crisis. The Secret Rough Draft of the Declaration of Independence: Most people don’t know that Committee of Five had a very bad "first day" when trying to author the Declaration of Independence. Help them edit this terrible rough draft and put your stamp on the most important document in the nation’s history! What’s Were the Soldiers in Washington’s Crossing Thinking? – This activity requires students to imagine what the figures in Leutze’s famous depiction of Washington Crossing the Delaware River as they painstakingly row through the icy river. Humor is encouraged. Benedict Arnold – the Ultimate Antagonist: Fun activity that portrays Benedict Arnold as the ultimate antagonist in the American Revolution. Students then must draw and describe their favorite antagonist (or most hated) antagonist in literature. Remaking Benedict Arnold – This activity requires students to try to make an argument for Benedict Arnold’s treason by using hyperbole and embellishment to make the reader sympathetic to his plight. Turning Point – This activity requires students to understand how the Battle of Saratoga was the turning point in the war and to think of explain turning points in their own lives, in sports, or in the lives of literary characters. Much like a mad lib, this activity requires students to write verbs, nouns, and adjectives to make a hilarious paragraph. This writing prompt requires students to form an argument for one founding father. In other words, which of the figures considered among the group known as “the Founding Fathers” would best qualify as the Founding Father? 10 questions and passage (grade 5)
Revolutionary War Game November 2010
Revolutionary War Game November 2010
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LEGO Battle of Lexington and Concord Revolutionary War ...
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